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IMG_0202After my successful visit last year November (2011) to the ASPAC in Takamatsu, I travelled this summer again to Japan to work in all peace and quiet on new items.

At the countryside of Shikoku (Kagawa), surrounded by rice fields and at night be sung to sleep by the many different species of frogs, I automatically came into the right ‘mood’.

This time I did also meet several other artists. One of them was the in Zentsuji living Hiroshi Shiougase, who lives beautifully remote in the mountains and is known for his Bizen-Yaki.
Also the potter Toyoki Shinomaru, who has earned his name with the making of Shino-Yaki, very fine painted bonsai pots, and who was so busy that he had nothing for sale, was more than worth the visit.

Furthermore, I visited a few museums in this region, amongst others, the Otsuka Bijutsukan in Tokushima, the Ohara Bijutsukan in Kurashiki and the Benesse Bijutsukan at the artist island Naoshima. All very impressive experiences that I would not have liked to miss out on and of course also do leave traces in my work.

The fact that I have met a new colleague, the artist Noriko Miki, has led me, also because of her good knowledge of the Japanese art (through which I am unquestionable influenced) to bringing my work to a new level. I was thus happily surprised to find my dancing cranes in the new Gafu-Ten book. And also the fact that I, as first westerner, got a whole page in the known Wabi magazine, moves me a lot.

I hope that the fans and collectors of my work from all over the world will keep their enthusiasm and shall continue to share with me.